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Adam Waluklewica Adam Walukiewicz, Association of California Water Agencies
Rebecca Smith Rebecca Anderson, Downey Brand LLP
placeholderThumb Tripp (James) Mizell, Department of Water Resources
elizabethLeeperThumb Elizabeth Leeper, Kronick Moskovitz Tiedeman and Girard
audreyPattersonThumb Audrey Patterson, King Williams & Gleason LLP
robinBaralThumb Robin Baral, Churchwell White LLP
placekeeper Bryan Barnhart, Miller, Axline and Sawyer
Kyle Holmes Kyle Holmes, Borton Petrini, LLP.
Louinda Lacey Louinda Lacey, Somach Simmons & Dunn
sundheimTori200x250 Tori Sundheim, Founder & Managing Advisor

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